Ron is a self taught artist with an extensive background in ornamental metalwork. A love for the outdoors and wildlife is expressed in his chosen medium of steel plate and heat.

Ron creates a drawing that is transferred to the steel plate. The piece is cut by hand using an acetylene torch. Then each piece is carefully detailed and polished with a small hand held grinder. Upon completion of the grinding, using only the heat of the torch, each piece is colored achieving a range of colors from subtle golds to rich browns and on through vibrant purples and blues. Once the coloring is completed, each piece is welded together, some pieces made up of as high as 100 separate pieces of detailed steel.

Working professionally since 1982, Ron feels that he is very fortunate to have found a way to express himself through his art and to be able to support his family, doing something he truly loves.

Ron's work is very unique and can be found in many galleries throughout the Western United States. His work is known Nationally and Internationally and can be found in private collections in Beverly Hills, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, India, Scotland, Japan, China & Hawaii.

Phone: (360) 708-7281

(360) 770-5223

E-Mail:  HinshawsArtQuest@yahoo.com